From Wieskirche Pilgrimage Church to Reichenau Island

Length: approx. 212 km – We recommend at least one overnight stay.

This route in southern Bavaria begins at Wieskirche church, whose name means ‘meadow church’. This refers to its location on a small rise in open ground, allowing pilgrims to see it from afar. The route to Lake Constance following the German Alpine Road could not be any more beautiful.

Along the way, it’s worth stopping off at Füssen to visit Neuschwanstein Castle.

Through the Allgäu and the Allgäu Alps you continue on to Lindau on the shores of Lake Constance and along the lakeside panorama trail to Meersburg. From here, you cross over to Constance on one of the ferries that depart every 15 minutes.

Further ahead is Lake Constance’s Reichenau Island with its churches from the 9th to the 11th centuries. The journey to the island, which takes you down an avenue of poplars, is an attraction in itself.