Roman monuments, the Cathedral and Church of Our Lady in Trier

Founded as Augusta Treverorum in 17 BC, Trier is Germany’s oldest town and a true monument to history. Historical buildings of international standing, remarkable churches and magnificent Roman remains all make a visit to this romantic city on the Moselle an unforgettable experience.

Those looking closely can recognize them: the centuriesold graffiti of Roman stonemasons; the millimetre-fine joints between tiny small mosaic stones; the imprints of Roman compasses, the noble facial expressions of rich cloth handlers and the remnants of colour and plaster with imperial magnificence.

Those listening carefully can perceive them: the heavy footsteps of soldiers‘ leather boots on the battlements built of sandstone; the distant rowing noises of a widelytravelled wine ship; the whistling sounds of the wind in the catacombs of the Imperial Thermal Baths, the drops in the damp cellar of the Amphitheatre, and the gladiators fighting for life and death, exhausted and panting.

And yes, those sniffing deeply can even smell them in Trier: the incense of a 1,700 year old meeting place; the fear of animals and humans in the former cages on the periphery of the Roman Arena; the inebriating scent of handmade bath essences, the moss-grown basalt of the Roman bridge piers, the smoke of the underground floor heating. Those opening up with all their senses can experience Trier‘s antique life in all its variety and abundance, its colours and forms.
A journey through time, which propels the lifestyle of a Roman imperial city into the modern age and which, in eye-catching visualisations and performances, brings you within grasp the life of previous generations: visible, audible and above all palpable.

Roman Monuments, Cathedral of St. Peter and Church of Our Lady

UNESCO World Heritage since 1986

From the selection criteria

  • Trier is an exceptional testimony to the Roman era and represents a unique work of Roman architecture of the 2nd century.

  • The World Heritage includes the Cathedral and the Chruch of Our Lady as well as seven Roman buildings, the Imperial Baths, the amphitheatre, the Roman Bridge, the Constantine Basilica and the grave pillar “Igeler Säule” located in the nearby village Igel.

  • The documentary heritage includes the Codex Egberti.

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